Do you want to try wearing artificial nails but couldn’t decide whether they would look good on you or not? Or perhaps you know that they would look gorgeous but you’re scared that they would damage your nails.

Well, let us share with you the pros and cons of fake vs. natural nails so you can decide whether you’ll become a fake nail aficionado or a natural nail devotee.  

Natural Nails

natural nails

No matter what the fashion trend is, the natural nail has always been and will always be a popular choice. We’ve heard it over and over…natural is beautiful.

We agree that simplicity has a certain appeal, but it wouldn’t hurt if you enhance them by giving them a dab of color with some pretty nail polish.

Natural nails are easy to maintain. Even when you leave them bare, just trim them, file them, and keep them uniform and you’ll already have lovely and presentable nails.

For some women, long nails are more feminine and fashionable. The problem is, soft nails have a tendency to break when they grow longer. So for those who weren’t blessed with strong, not-easily-chipped nails, the solution is…yes you guessed it right…fake nails.

Fake Nails

There are quite a number of options when getting fake nails but the two most popular ones are acrylic and gel nails.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are very popular and will most probably be available in any nail salon or spa. To apply it, the nails are cleaned first then slightly roughened so the chemicals would adhere to them and the fake nails wouldn’t fall off.

Next, a monomer liquid is applied followed by a polymer powder. When mixed, they can be shaped to the length and style that you prefer and once dried, your nail tech can paint them with your favorite nail polish. Acrylic nails are durable and they usually last two weeks without chipping

Acrylic nails shouldn’t be forcibly removed, otherwise you may damage the natural nail underneath. So, don’t be tempted to pull them off when they start to chip.

It is advisable to go to a professional nail salon when you get fake acrylic nails because if they are not properly applied, there is a risk that they would appear thick and unnatural.

Another downside it the unpleasant chemical smell during the application of acrylic nails. This is one of the reasons why other women prefer gel nails.

acrylic nails

Gel Nails

Like the application of acrylic nails, the first step of gel nail application is proper cleaning of the nails. Next, the gel nails are formed using a pre-mixed chemical gel but unlike acrylic nails which are air dried, gel nails are “cured” under a UV lamp. The curing process makes home application quite difficult so it’s better if you go to a professional nail salon to get the service done correctly.

According to those who have tried both acrylic and gel nails, the latter is more preferable because it looks and feels more natural. They also don’t have harsh chemical smells and they have a clear shiny finish but they are usually more expensive than acrylic nails.

The nails say a lot about a person’s characteristics, some even use them to make a statement. Whether you choose natural or fake nails, always remember to keep them clean and properly dried. Protect them when you do activities that would make them prone to damage because although it’s good to have fancy nails, it’s more important for them to stay healthy.