Spring is in the air! And with the arrival of cozy spring sunshine comes the demand for a change of outfit, hence the appearance of spring fashion and spring beauty trends.

Alas! No outfit is complete without beautiful nails to go with it, so here are some fresh spring-themed manicures that you can ask for the next time you visit The Elysian Heights Boutique.

1. Pressed Flower Manicure

After enduring a grim winter, spring rewards our eyes and souls with amazingly dazzling flowers! Just the thought of those beautiful flowers in blossom popping up everywhere is enough to give you that light and cheerful feeling.

If you can’t get enough of spring blooms, this pressed flower manicure is something that you should try. Check out this spring-themed manicure that we did for one of our clients. Each flower was hand placed on acrylic nails and blended with CND Shellac in the shade Beau to give it an ombré effect.

2. Delicate Pink Flower Nails

The combination of pink and flowers might be too girly for some women… but not when it’s spring! The gorgeous outdoor temperature makes people think about bright colors. If spring is making you feel cheery, why show it through your nails?

This set of jelly nails will not just bring you happiness, it’ll also make your friends peanut butter and jealous! Check out this new look in bright pink with 3D acrylic flowers! Oh, we forgot to mention that one of the flowers glows in the dark.

3. Earthy Green Nails

The earth smells so much better during spring! Flowers blooming and grass growing makes inhaling feel like everything is about to get better.

Just make sure you take enough vitamins, spring allergies can get really nasty. A bout of sneezing could surprise you any time so have to have presentable nails to cover your face in case you feel one coming.

Despite the allergies, the earth is still lovelier with green all around. Plus, April is earth month, you can show support by joining earth day events or even wearing the color on your nails!

4. Pastels

Have you ever wondered if there’s a connection between spring and pastel? We don’t know if there’s a science behind it but every spring it’s the same story, WE WANT PASTEL!

Mint, lemon, pale pink, and dusty blue hues are synonymous with spring and 2019 runways proved that pastels will be the go-to color palette this season.

If you think you’re not “girly-girl” enough to pull off pastel nail polish, don’t spend too much of your precious time contemplating about it. You can‘t go wrong with pastel nails in spring.

Spring colors have invaded The Elysian Boutique as well! Let’s take a DIP together and show off your next set of nails in the sun! We have a great color selection for you to choose from.

There’s no better way to show how much you love spring by getting a spring themed manicure. If you have other spring nail designs in mind feel free to show it your nail tech at The Elysian Boutique and we’ll do our best to make it for you.